the story of Hansken

The seventeenth century through the eyes of an elephant
That's how we best could describe 'the story of Hansken'.
The elephant was brought from Ceylon to Amsterdam by a ship of the VOC, the Dutch United East-Indies Company.
Hansken learns a variety of tricks and tours all Europe.
And everywhere people payed willingly
to see him firing a pistol, handling a sword or lifting his hat!
The intelligent animal raises the interest of Vondel, Barlaeus, Rembrandt and other celebreties of those days.
'Remrandt's elephant' is a very special book to read or to just take a look at the pictures.

REMBRANDT'S ELEPHANT by Michiel Roscam Abbing
available from the end of July 2006
60 pgs, richly illustrated
price: 19,90
isbn-10: 90-808745-6-6
isbn-13: 978-90-8087 45-6-5

Leporello Publishers Amsterdam

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Dutch press was enthousiast:
De Volkskrant,  Trouw,  Het Parool  and Ons Amsterdam

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